January  24, 2017


File-EZ Folder Inc.

E. 4111 Mission / P.O. Box 284 / Spokane, WA 99210
509 - 534 -1044 / FAX 509 - 534 - 8969

Pocket Folders, Printed File Folders, Report Covers, Acetate Covers, Laminated Folders

Minimum Order $1000 Please

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You will notice an American flag to the left.

The lettering says, "Made in the USA from Products Made in the USA."

File-EZ is an organization that prides itself on supporting American companies any way it can and appreciates those companies that support us.

2015 brings File-EZ into its 61st year of producing all of its products in the USA.  And now companies are recognizing us for that stance.  File-EZ products have been recognized as being more durable than our competition's paper products.  It has to do with the attention our employees pay to the kind of product we produce and the kind of paper we use.

Let us know of your opinion about products being made in America.  Support OUR economy and use an American-made product when possible.